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A Top Choreographers in india is like the director and the screenwriter of a film, all rolled in to one, but for dancers and dance routines instead of actors on screen. They create and plan the routines for performers to follow through, usually in functions like weddings or social gatherings. Marc Sangeet Guru is a famous choreography solution for the new age couples and families. Marc has been professionally training people with his amazing dance routines since the past 20 years. He has been a part of the show designing of some top notch shows like Balle Balle, PTC, MTV Splitsvilla Awards etc. His talents have also spread across borders as he traveled to major destinations like Russia, Thailand and Mauritius for weddings and other gatherings. Marc was a part of the Muscat Oman Festival too. Some esteemed congregations like the Taj Mahotsav in Agra and the Kabbadi Mahotsav has had Marc Sangeet Guru for the choreography and designing. Being in the wedding choreography business since the last 4 years, he has worked with a lot of artists like Mika Singh, Karishma Tanna, Sana Khan, Sapna Chaudhary and many more. His team has shaped numerous wedding performances by now and they tend to become the top choice of every client and their family.

Choreographers have a way of winning hearts through their synchronisation and tuning. They create the best kind of art with their super amazing dance routines for every function and gathering. 

One of the most Famous Choreographers in Delhi, Marc Sangeet Guru provides you with top notch sangeet and wedding choreography services that help you get the best of your wedding functions. It is his speciality to bring out the dancing side of every person of varied age and taste and get them grooving to the beat for the functions. For this he understands the requirements of the client and then gives them the necessary routine choice with proper song selection and steps that are easy to follow through.

It becomes an easy task when the team of Marc Sangeet Guru and all the Choreographers come together with the family to work on the fun and exciting routine to ace up the final day performance. 

Marc Sangeet Guru is one of the Top Choreographers in India with more than 2 decades of industry experience in professional choreography services. With the help of this experience, he brings to you all the flawless skills and knowledge to readily provide you the best dance routines. 

Marc Sangeet Guru is the Famous Choreographer in India and Delhi who has worked with a lot of companies across the world. It is one of the Top Most Choreographers to provide services in weddings and sangeet functions. For the Best Wedding Choreography, Marc and his team is the best choice to help through the process of learning and creativity through dance and moves for the weddings. 

By providing the best kind of treatment and thought to the entire process, he makes it easy for the family and friends to learn and remember the proper routine. 
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About Dancing and its importance

Dance is something which is loved by everyone across the world. People enjoy dancing as it keeps them stress free, happy and is an act of leisure. Dancing has many benefits to human bodies such as:

  • Improves the condition of your heart
  • Weigh management
  • Relieves stress
  • Better flexibility
  • Improved muscle tone and strength
  • Boost memory
  • Eliminates your depression
  • Creates a joyful environment

What is a good choreography in India?

A good choreography is one that has original dance steps. Choreography is the art of creating, arranging and teaching different forms of dances. People who teach dance are known as choreographers. Top Choreographers are professional dance experts who are hired to teach dance at various wedding functions like sangeet, bachelor parties, school and college events, family gatherings etc. Wedding functions are incomplete without dance events.

Who are Top Choreographers in India?

Choreographers are dancers who convey moods and ideas using a particular style of dance. They typically begin their careers at a young age as dancers. They have the power to tell a story via their dance moves and styles. They bring out the dancing side of every person. They create original dance moves in a sequence. Choreographers ensure to make your event a memorable one. They are professionals in the field of dancing and make sure that they do the right choreography for you, making it easier for you to learn. Choreographer are very much in demand these days, they are hired for various functions at schools, colleges, weddings, parties, gatherings,Jaimala Theame etc.

About our Choreography services

Indian weddings are a grand affair. No wedding is complete without those lavish functions. Dance at weddings are a must. It is a great way to celebrate and enjoy the big day. Friends and families together put up various dance sequences dedicated to the bride and the groom using different themes. This is when people require professional choreographers help them with those perfect dance moves that gets everyone grooving. They will teach you different dance forms in groups and individually to rock the sangeet, mehendi and other wedding functions making it memorable for everyone. Be it any event, Marc Sangeet Guru is there to choreograph and help you with your dance performance.

At Marc Sangeet Guru you get the best and the famous choreographers in India who are highly talented and well trained. We have years of experience in training people, creating the best dance moves for every function and gatherings. We have a team of top choreographers in India who ensure to put in their best efforts to serve you better. They hold leadership qualities and have a very friendly nature. They make sure that you understand their dance moves and perform professionally. They ensure you enjoy each and every step. Marc sangeet guru provide you with flawless skills and knowledge along with the best dance routines.

What differentiates us from the rest?

Our team has one of the most famous choreographers in Delhi , India who provide you with top notch wedding and sangeet choreography services with various different kinds of themes such as jai mala theme, fairytale theme etc.They effectively manage all the dances at weddings and sangeet functions. Their choreography has the power to tell people your story. We have worked with a lot of companies across the world and well known for our original dance moves. We make it easy for your family and friends to learn and remember the proper routine and sequence. Marc Sangeet Guru is basically the choreography solution for the new age couples and families also for Jaimal Theame in Delhi.

Are you looking to learn those dance moves, or do you have a wedding or a sangeet function in your family? Then we at Marc Sangeet Guru are here to help you with those perfect dance steps to make your event a memorable one.